18th September: Warm-up

This meeting will be organized via Skype on 18th September at 10:00 A.M. (CET). During the skype call you have the chance to talk to the organizer and mentors from Malmö Museer. They will answer all your questions regarding the Museum, its exhibition and project and app purpose.

Please add Senija Vurzer to your contacts: 6985770a569e5ce8.

25th September 2018, 10:00-16:00 (CET), Final day at MALMÖ

From warm-up till the final day of hackathon you are asked to develop your idea and code at home.

We are meeting with all of you during final day on 25th September, when you will get time to finalize your work, create a final presentation, talk to museum’s workers and IT experts from different companies.
The final presentation will be pitched (4 minutes) to other teams, organizers and partners. Number of teams is limited to 6. Maximum number of contestants in one team is 5 people.

Go to our Facebook event and stay up to date with all details.

The chart below tells what we want our visitors to feel, think, and do when they are using our Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)-tool, during and after the guide.

Knowledge and understanding Different kind of learning experience.
Add additional content to the visit, that are not available without the tool.
Skills I will be able to use the tool with ease.
Attitudes and values I will have a feeling of freedom by the possibility of an individual guide
Enjoyment, inspiration, creativity I will have fun, be curious and want more.
Activity, behavior, progression After the guide I will behave in a more environmentally friendly way, specifically regarding the Baltic sea.


Find photos from Malmö Museum here, that you can use for inspiration or development.


First prize is VR Glasses for each team member. Max. 5 teammembers.


Second prize is a kamera for each team member. Max. 5 teammembers





During the period of 11 -25 of September 2018, you are welcome to contact your Hackathon mentors

 Mentor for Submarine prototype

Erik Roupe
Learning officer
Sustainable Development, Climate-X, Heritage, Technology.

Visit the submarine online you can find text material here


Mentor for Castel prototype

Maria Österling
Learning officer
SKI, history, fairy tales and stories.

Visit the castle online you can find text material here


Mentor for Aquarium prototype

Henrik de la Motte Wulff
Learning officer
Sustainable Development, Aquarium, Nature.

Visit the Aquarium online  you can find text material here



Josefine Floberg
Head of Exhibitions at Malmö Museums since 2011, with a special interest and responsibility in developing Malmö Museums digital solutions for exhibitions and accessibility. She has more than 20 years working experience of producing and touring museums exhibitions and digital solutions. Floberg has a Degree of Bachelor of Arts at Stockholm University and studied at Poppius Journalism School.

Louise Andersson
Communications Officer at Malmö Museums / Department of Culture since 2001. Social science, Lund University. She is Responsible for the web, social media, press and marketing. She is also working with the museums digital strategy and is part of the museums digital development group. She has a degree in social science from LU.

Johanna Rylander
Curator at Malmö Museer working with natural history. She is also part of the museums digital development group, and working towards a more accessible museum through Malmö Museums digital strategy. Rylander has a masters degree in art (KHIB 2002) and has been working in the museum since 2004, as a photographer and as a curator.

Erik Kristiansen
Holds a ph.d. in pervasive game design and has published research at Roskilde University in the fields of games, design science, performance studies, and museum studies. His interest covers innovative game design and programming, museum games and digital art installations. He is currently head of interpretation and development at Museum Lolland-Falster, Denmark.
Just published: Erik Kristiansen and Alex Moseley: Games in the lobby – a playful approach. In Museum Thresholds: The design and media of arrival (Parry, Rage, ad Moseley (eds.)). Routledge 2018.


Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of Baltathon before signing up.

For more information mail Senija Vurzer


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