The chart below tells what we want our visitors to feel, think, and do when they are using our Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)-tool, during and after the guide.


Knowledge and understanding Different kind of learning experience.
Add additional content to the visit, that are not available without the tool.
Skills I will be able to use the tool with ease.
Attitudes and values I will have a feeling of freedom by the possibility of an individual guide
Enjoyment, inspiration, creativity I will have fun, be curious and want more.
Activity, behavior, progression After the guide I will behave in a more environmentally friendly way, specifically regarding the Baltic sea.




During the period of 11 -25 of September 2018, you are welcome to contact your Hackathon mentors

 Mentor for Submarine prototype
Erik Roupe
Learning officer
Sustainable Development, Climate-X, Heritage, Technology.

Visit the submarine online you can find text material here



Mentor for Castel prototype

Maria Österling
Learning officer
SKI, history, fairy tales and stories.

Visit the castle online you can find text material here


Mentor for Aquarium prototype

Henrik de la Motte Wulff
Learning officer
Sustainable Development, Aquarium, Nature.

Visit the Aquarium online  you can find text material here