18-19 May 2019 Greifswald Hackathon Wirtschaftsakademie Nord


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Baltathon: BalticMuseums Hackathon in Greifswald. Creative Weekend for IT in our Museums!

Joint event of the Business Academy North and Stralsund University of Applied Sciences as part of the project ‘BalticMuseums: LoveIT!‘

18 and 19 May 2019, Greifswald (Germany)

FULLY BOOKED – No further registrations.

During a full creative weekend event, technology-savvy, curious and out-of-the box thinking people develop ideas for museums: Baltathon – the BalticMuseums Hackathon in Greifswald, Germany, the creative competition and think tank for games on museum visitors’ smartphones. The main criterion: The game fosters curiousity about the museum and motivates for the visit! It should be fun to play both in the queue and before (but of course also after) the visit. And it should be feasible to produce with currently available technical means, usable on a smartphone. So – beaming is not (yet) possible, is it?

Throughout a weekend the participants dive into the museum world and have time to get creative in a good atmosphere: also overnight. Together, they work, learn and party. Some creative minds even abstains completely from sleep. And at the end there is the grand finale: the best idea is chosen by the jury. Only the winners take home cool prizes, but all participants take the inspiration and team spirit with them.

Impressions from Baltathon in Gdynia, Poland, 2018 (Photo: Weronika Podlesińska)


/ 40 participants

/ Young adults and teens, (perceived) age 16-25 yrs

/ Pupils of Business Academy North (DE)

/ Students of Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (DE)

/ Students of University of Stettin (PL)

/ Students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences (FI)


And more

/ Language: English (and German)

/ Overnight stay at Business Academy North: participants have to bring matrasses and sleeping bags

/ Participation free of charge (no refund of travel or hotel costs)


Teams will work in a concept of 5+1=6, with 5 participants and 1 museum expert. The museum staff will be participating in the brainstorming phase to feed into and learn from the creative process of the team.


7 museums from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region provide the topics for the teams, e.g a certain painting or exhibition object or story. The topics/museums will be given to the teams via a lottery at the beginning ceremony of the hackathon.

Target for the Teams:

Presentation of one concrete, implementable idea as a (paper-)prototype, with or without programmed code, to a jury. There will be a main reward and an audience reward.

Details on Baltathon in Greifswald

  • Overview

    The Baltathon in Greifswald shall be commenced 09:00 A.M. on 18th May 2019 and concluded at 3 P.M. on 19th May 2019.

    The objective of the Baltathon is the development of innovative and interactive mobile games, which shall motivate prospective visitors prior to their visit to a museum. These games shall increase the attractiveness of a visit to the museum, reach out to new target groups and increase the individual visitor traffic. The subject matter of the competition work are the conceptions, working prototypes or mobile applications which are based upon gamification.

    The participating Museums select their own topics or objects and provide them, along with information, images, data, sounds, etc., to the Participants of the Baltathon. These topics and/or objects constitute the working basis of the Baltathon. The Museums, or rather the respective topics and/or objects shall be drawn through lots by the participating teams.

    Baltathon – the BalticMuseums Hackathon in Greifswald is part of  a cycle of programming and creative competitions for IT enthusiasts held under the project ‘BalticMuseums: Love IT!’.

    The Project and thus the event is co-financed with the use of financial means of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union as part of the Interreg South Baltic programme. Resulting from this the participants are aware that ideas and thoughts arising during the event will be provided to the project and the public.


  • Museums

    Deutsches Meeresmuseum Katharinenberg 14 – 20, 18439 Stralsund https://www.meeresmuseum.de/en/

    Kunstmuseum Schwaan Kunstmühle Schwaan, Mühlenstraße 12, 18258 Schwaan https://www.kunstmuseum-schwaan.de/

    Müritzeum Zur Steinmole 1, 17192 Waren (Müritz) https://www.mueritzeum.de/

    phanTECHNIKUM – Technisches Landesmuseum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Zum Festplatz 3, 23966 Wismar https://www.phantechnikum.de/

    Pommersches Landesmuseum Rakower Straße 9, 17489 Greifswald https://www.pommersches-landesmuseum.de/

    Staatliches Museum Schwerin Alter Garten 3, 19055 Schwerin https://www.museum-schwerin.de/

    Stralsund Museum Mönchstraße 25-28, 18439 Stralsund https://www.stralsund-museum.de/

  • Mentors

    Experts from Lathi University of Applied Sciences in Finland will travel over 1000 km to support you in your hackathon experience. Lecturers Mika Kylänen and Antti Heinonen come with four students to make Baltathon unique.

    They can help you both in your work process as well as in presenting your work technically by using Augmented Reality software. Well, you will certainly develop your own way of working. And we want to encourage you to make use of the experts’ knowledge and coaching to gain as much as possible from your hackathon experience, both in how to organize work and in getting inspiration for Augmented Reality applications.

    >> Check out our preparation page with further input on Canvases to organize work, Kanban, arylin software for Augmented Reality

  • Agenda

    DAY 1.  18.05.2019

    09:00 Warm-Up (Registration)

    09:30 Opening Ceremony (Getting to know the BalticMuseums project, museums, participants)

    11:15 Start in the Teams

    13:00-14:30 Lunch

    18:00-18:45 Different Workshops

    18:30-20:00Uhr Dinner

    23:00-24:00 Chill Out & Networking DJ Mario @ Lounge

    00:00 Pizza & Networking


    DAY 2.  19.05.2019

    08:00-09:30 Breakfast

    11:30-13:30 Final Presentation (max. 10 min. per Team)

    13:30-14:15 Lunch

    13:30-14:00 Lunch Jury (parallel Jury-Discussion)

    14:15 Final Ceremony incl. Prize-Giving

    15:00 End of event



  • Assessment and Awards

    The assessment of submitted competition works takes under consideration their innovativeness, the possibility of application in practice, implementation value, integral character, and also completeness.


    3D Printer „Anet A8“ for every team member of the winning team!

    The jury shall grant the MAIN AWARD of the Event exclusively to the victorious competition work dedicated to one of the participating Museums. The jury of Baltathon, consisting of experts in the creative, IT and cultural sector, shall be appointed on 18th May 2019 by the Organizer. The jury shall also choose a jury-president from among the persons belonging to the jury until the 19th May 2019

    Photo: Shutterstock /Symbolic picture



    >> adesso

    >> IT-Lagune e.V.

    >> Wirtschaftsakademie Nord


    Dr. Darko Balke, Software Developer, adesso AG, Stralsund

    Henry Dramsch, Graphic Designer, GRAFfisch, Greifswald

    André Huysmann, Software Developer and Project Manager, ILWiA e.V., Greifswald

    Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz, Faculty of Business Studies, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

    Susanne Papenfuss, Department of Education, Culture and Sport, City of Greifswald


    The audience award is still a surprise…

    The Participants and visitors of Baltathon shall also choose the winner of the AUDIENCE AWARD. The decisions shall also be made by a simple majority of votes. In the event of an equal number of votes, the decision regarding the grant of the AUDIENCE AWARD shall be made by president of the jury.

    The in-kind prices that were received may not be exchanged into monetary prices, other prizes or paid out in cash.

  • What is there, what do I bring

    For the time of Baltathon, the Organizer shall provide:

    • catering and beverages;
    • power supply;
    • access to the Internet (WiFi);
    • working space;
    • computer workstations
    • bathroom facilities (WC, showers);
    • recreational space.

    The participants bring:

    • Hardware: The Participants in Baltathon shall secure for themselves computer hardware, software or other tools requisite for participation in Baltathon (e.g. laptop, smartphone, Rasperry-Pi, adapters, etc.), on their own.
    • Software: Both commercial software and freeware may be used. If commercial software is used, Participants are obligated to possess the necessary licenses. The Organizer does not provide any software.
    • Recreation: During the event the Organizer shall provide Participants with sufficient recreational rooms, which can also be used as bedrooms. Participants are urged to bring sleeping bags and roll mats with them, as those are not provided by the Organizer.

    Do not bring: The Participants in Baltathon are hereby forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or drugs during the Event.

  • Participation

    Participation in Baltathon is voluntary, free-of-charge and open. A registration is required and the amount of participants is limited. The criterion of permitting to participate in the Event is the ‘first-come, first-served rule’ for complete teams.

    In order to participate in Baltathon, the Participants may form teams of up to 5 members. The final personnel composition of the teams will be determined by no later than 18th May 2019.

    The teams will be supported by a museum representative for the topic the team addresses. The museum representatives shall participate in the creative process to gain insights for their museum.

    The teams can be enhanced on initiative of the organizers by further experts (e.g. vor AR/VR).

    Participation and Privacy Regulations

    Final_English_AGB_Baltathon Greifswald 2019_17042019

  • Streaming, Photo- and Video Recordings

    The event will be streamed live via Youtube, photo and video recordings will be made for documentation and publication. Please familiarize yourself with the privacy regulations in the participation conditions.


    Start 18.05. 09:30 Youtube Channel of Wirtschaftsakademie Nord

  • Contact

    Robert Ittermann/ Stephan Gielow
    + 493834- 88596 12

  • Location and Directions

    Wirtschaftsakademie Nord gGmbH
    Puschkinring 22 a
    17491 Greifswald



  • Facebook Event

    Baltathon in Greifswald – Facebook


Further information about the project „BalticMuseums: LoveIT!“:

BalticMuseums: LoveIT! develops cloud based gamification service

In the project BalticMuseums: LoveIT! hackathon events in museums help getting inspiring ideas of gamified apps. The team of nine partners – Museums and science centers, non-government organizations and research institutions from Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany – develops tours for visitors’ smartphones – with a focus on gamification elements. The project team sets up multilingual gamified tours for the visitors’ smartphones. Based on the partners’ needs, a generic framework for gamification of tourist attractions was derived. A cloud-based system conforming to the guidelines of this framework is being developed by the University of Szczecin (lead partner) to enable museums to easily add gamification elements (e.g. earning badges or collecting points for visiting certain places or solving quizzes) to eGuide tours. The launch of the first version of the BYOD eGuide tours is planned for mid of 2019. The developed IT tools will be open source and marketed under a common brand – open to be joined by other museums and touristic attractions later on.

Working with a user-centric design process, the project hosts special brainstorming and programming events – Baltathons, (a name derived from a combination of ‘Baltic’ and ‘hackathon’). The creative ideas generated during these events feed into the gamified apps later on. Three Baltathons were hosted already in 2018: in Poland, Lithuania and Sweden.

Project Website: www.balticmuseums.info

Project Knowledge Base: www.knowledge.balticmuseums.info

The project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the Interreg South Baltic Programme.