Preparation Material Baltathon Greifswald

Experts from Lathi University of Applied Sciences in Finland will travel over 1000 km to support you in your hackathon experience. Lecturers Mika Kylänen and Antti Heinonen come with four students to make Baltathon unique.

They can help you both in your work process as well as in presenting your work technically by using Augmented Reality software. Well, you will certainly develop your own way of working. And we want to encourage you to make use of the experts’ knowledge and coaching to gain as much as possible from your hackathon experience, both in how to organize work and in getting inspiration for Augmented Reality opportunities.

Process of Work

Mika Kylänen recommends working with Canvas, a set of A3 papers that help you structure your work process and work efficiently.

You can find his canvas here, especially pages 1, 4, 5, 7, as well as 9-11. We will provide you with printouts of these.

Download Canvas Templates

LSC Canvases 1.80

Further he explains how you could use these in your hackathon process in a recorded online session.


(Mika’s part starts at 35:20 min. in the recording)

He also recommends working with Kanban, a simplistic and very effective method, of organizing work in a team and shared the following video with you:

Idea of Lathi team joining Baltathon is born...

November 2018, in the city of Riga, Mika (Lahti UAS) and Susanne (Stralsund UAS) meet at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum: the idea is born of a Lahti team coming as mentors to the Baltathon in Greifswald, the BalticMuseums hackathon.

Some hurdles and hinders had to be overcome, and now we are very happy to welcome our colleagues from the North in Greifswald!

Augmented Reality Software

Antti Heinonen and 4 of his students join the hackathon to support you with the development of augmented reality elements to demonstrate your gamification idea. They use the software Arylin (check out here: and can also provide you with experiences in this software.

In the recorded online session, Antti explains both augmented reality and shows examples of projects using Arylin software, inside the museum, for promotion etc. Audio is not so good in the recording, but it gives you a good feel for what is possible with this AR software.


(Antti’s presentation start at 03:35 min. in the recording.)

Our Lahti experts during Hackathon

We recommend you to make use of our experts from Lahti both in their experiences of hackathon work processes (they organize 5-6 each year) and of AR projects. They will join us as of Saturday morning!