• 30 OCT 17
    Project Meeting and Trainings at NaturBornholm, DK

    Project Meeting and Trainings at NaturBornholm, DK

    In October 2017, the project team met in Bornholm, in gorgeous autumn

    nature circumstances..

    Our host was the NaturBornholm.

    The main topics of the project meeting were:

    • planning of hackathons in 2018,
    • communication platform arrangements and issues,
    • web activities and promotion,
    • organizational aspects of project realization.

    During the stay, two workshops were held. The first one regarding video production, provided by the Danish film producer Tonny Nybirk and focusing on building the story, capturing it with simple technical tools, and producing short movies with sound. This shall enable the team to capture video information of project learnings and deepen activities in the museums.

    A second workshop was prepared by the team of Malmö Museums on the concept of “Generic Learning Outcomes” (GLO). This method of involving future visitors into the development of exhibitions is an expertise of Malmö Museums, who shared their experiences and will help the project team to apply this method to the development of eGuide and Apps.